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“The first session is like a day when you are scheduled to be at work or school.  The alarm clamors.   As you turn it off, you realize it has been snowing all night. There is no work. A lovely blanket of snow is on the ground.  It is snowing so steadily that it becomes one white sheet. You have an internal experience; a feeling, a sensation and a soft inner voice that all reflect, “I don’t have to be anywhere but here”.  A nice warm blanket, cuddly, all sensation, all present experience, only here.

Then the upper part of the brain starts, the conscious mind, so to speak.  Am I correct, is there no other place to be?  Is this the correct experience to do? Am I cheating in some way? SOON YOU RELEASE THIS MIND.  You just GO TO THE EXPERIENCE. There is no figuring, no wondering, JUST BEING.  A load feels lifted.  A wave of relaxed comes over you. You know everything that occurs around you, but it is FURTHER and further away.  You LET GO.  You just DRIFT.
The second session is like a Saturday morning with no place to be.  No time lines, DEMAND-FREE, TIME FREE.  You do not have to leap from a bed.  Did you ever slowly awaken? Did you ever experience that time when you are half asleep and half awake?  You could get out of bed anytime you choose, yet you are SO COMFORTABLE, just enjoying this time of being in the bed, perhaps the feel, the touch.  Perhaps there are surrounding sounds, cars, voices, house sounds, dogs barking, but nothing special for you to attend to.  You have nothing special for you to do.  The only thing for you to do RIGHT NOW is to experience the DRIFTING IN AND OUT, enjoying this time.  You can just ENJOY RELAXING for awhile.  When you arise, you are fully refreshed and invigorated.

After the hypnotic experience, a profound relaxation and sense of peace is often described.
Most people recall quite a lot of the session, but there is a sense of drifting in and out of conscious awareness.  It is as if you are listening to a conversation and suddenly realize that you have missed parts of the conversation because your mind has drifted.  At the end of a session your critical, skeptical mind may want to be dubious about the hypnosis.  Know that you were involved, perfectly.
The experience is like receiving driving directions from a person who knows, but there are times when you have an inner sense that some inner turns would be better and you take them.  You then return to the other’s directions when that makes internal sense.
At no point is anyone unconscious.  There is now way to be stuck in the experience. Without continued suggestions, the ordinary consciousness would take over and you would totally connect to and be responsive to your surroundings.

Often suggestions stay permanently.  Occasionally reinforcement is required.
Occasionally results occur in one session.  See the book “A Turn for the Better”, or with the police officer who wanted to stop cursing, or some smoke-free persons, or the person who had to give an international presentation, or the inside-of-the-mouth chewer, or the Britain bound flying phobic.
However, the effects of hypnosis are often cumulative.  Some people require time to develop trust.  Sometimes a resolution of a problem is unrealistic in a straight forward manner and different aspects of it must be resolved.

Generally consider THREE SESSIONS to experience a major impact. However, additional sessions may be necessary.  One example is the 60-year old person who had passed out at the sight, thought, or word of blood throughout 53 years.  7 sessions were required so he could give blood and work as a driver on an ambulance.  Six sessions were required for a funeral-phobic person.

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