Why Hypnotherapy

(If you or your treatment specialist have thought that your mind may contribute to your problem or difficulties then you may be at the correct site.)

•Achieve goals with less effort and more focus, than thought possible

•Make intentions become part of your reality more powerfully

•Impact fixated neural ruts (habits)

•Understand the ways that past patterns have impinged on present blocks to success

•Find a pleasant and enjoyable way to make positive changes

•Decrease stress

•Make negatives become positives

•Improve attitudes

•Deal with self-defeating thoughts

•Lessen fear

•Remove negative blocks

•Achieve a state of heightened awareness

•Lower intensity of a situation wrapped in emotion

•Increase awareness of past patterns

•Reprogram old habits and behaviors

•Set a new course in life

•Create informed insight into the mind/body connection

•Increase resourcefulness

•Increase personal empowerment

•Increase self-love and self-understanding to offset tendency to self-loathe


Hypnotherapy is a way to take personal responsibility for aspect of our healing. 

It is not something passively done to you like surgery.  It is the garnering of your best inner resources and directing them toward your goal.  Recognize that the implementation of all hypnosis and hypnotherapy is not the same, just like all phychotherapy is not the same.

In 1958, hypnosis received formal recognition by the American Medical Association

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