About Dr. Petry

Bringing over 25 years of clinical experience, Dr. Robert Petry has offered insight and guidance to both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, Charter Westbrook Psychiatric Hospital, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), Psychiatric Institutes of Washington, D.C. and in Private Practice.

Dr. Petry received his doctorate from Kent State University and completed an internship at the Falls Psychiatric Hospital location.  He is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College of Virginia (VCU-MCV).  He is a graduate of post doctoral programs in cognitive, psychodrama, metaphysical, gestalt, and Hakomi mind/body therapy.  He has trained with or attended workshops with some of the greatest innovators in psychotherapy and in most modalities.

In Richmond, since 1982, Dr. Petry has focused considerable energy toward treating habits, addictions and anxieties using a blend of therapeutic modalities including hypnotherapy, psychodrama, neurolinguistic programming, behavioral and intimate systems work.

Dr. Petry is a Virginia State Board Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a recognized area of specialty in hypnosis.  He is a member of the Society of Psychological Hypnosis Division 30 of the American Psychological Association.  He has been admitted to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and invited to be a member of the International Society of Hypnosis.  Dr. Petry has been awarded Diplomate status (highest distinction) with the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.  He is in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.

He believes that therapeutic change is facilitated through circumventing mental blocks and psychological defenses.  This belief has led him on a quest to study with healers in Nigeria, the Amazon, Nepal and with the Mayan people.  He has also pursued supplemental healing methods with healers from many other indigenous cultures.

Dr. Petry’s preference is to balance cognitive information with experiential exercises to promote personalized awareness through investigation and self-discovery.  All senses may be involved in the guided self-improvement process.

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